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How to check total hard disk space in Windows 11?


In the digital realm, where data reigns supreme, keeping tabs on your hard disk space is akin to maintaining the heartbeat of your Windows 11 system. As we delve into the intricacies of how to check total hard disk space in Windows 11, you’ll not only navigate through the steps but also comprehend the significance of this routine task.

The Significance of Monitoring Disk Space

Regularly checking your hard disk space isn’t just a mundane task; it is a proactive measure to ensure your system’s optimal performance. Running out of disk space can lead to sluggish performance, system crashes, and an overall frustrating user experience.

How to Check Total Hard Disk Space in Windows 11

Built-in app Windows Explorer

Windows 11 provides users with multiple avenues to check their hard disk space. Navigate to ‘Settings,’ then ‘System,’ and finally ‘Storage.’ Here, a detailed breakdown of your disk space utilization awaits. Additionally, the traditional ‘File Explorer’ method unveils your storage details with just a few clicks.

Windows 11 storage overview
Windows 11 storage overview

External app and Widget

The best application for monitoring your drives is the Hard Disk Windows application. It serves as the central hub for viewing all your drives. Also, you can pin the window on top of all your open windows. Such as your web browser, Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, etc.


  1. Download the Hard Disk app from the Microsoft Store
  2. Open the Hard Disk app, and you can place it on your Windows desktop screen


When the Hard Disk application is installed on your Windows 11 device. You can use the storage widget in your Windows Board. That provides you in glance an overview of all your internal drives in one place.

You can choose to see all your internal drives in one widget:

Hard Disk Widget
Hard Disk Widget of all your internal disk

You can choose your internal drives with each file type in a different color and with his percentage:

How to check total hard disk space in Windows 11 with the Hard Disk Widget
Hard Disk Widget
How to get the Hard Disk application and Windows 11 widget


In conclusion, mastering how to check total hard disk space in Windows 11 is essential for maintaining a healthy and efficient computer system. Whether you prefer native tools, command-line interfaces, or third-party applications, this guide equips you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your storage.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should I check my hard disk space?

Regular checks are advisable, ideally every month, to catch potential issues before they impact your system’s performance.

Can I check disk space on external drives connected to Windows 11?

Certainly! The methods mentioned work for external drives as well. Just ensure they are connected to your system. With the Hard Disk Windows application and widget, you can monitor all drives. From internal, USB, and Network drives.

What is the recommended free space on a Windows 11 system?

Maintaining at least 10-15% free space on your hard disk is advisable for optimal system performance.

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