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Stefan vd

Make a small donation to support the further development

Thank you for considering making a small donation to support the further development of the software. By contributing even a small amount, you can instantly provide support that will help to improve and enhance the functionality of the developer's browser extensions and apps.

Because with your help I can make all my browser extensions and apps even better! I work tirelessly to provide you with the best possible utilities, ultimate entertainment, and useful accessibility tools for your computer, completely free of charge. Such as the "Turn Off the Lights" extension that I bring for all browsers, "Ambient Aurea", "Proper Menubar", "Full Screen", "Zoom", "Note Sidebar", "Page Sidebar", "Date Today", etc. Additionally, I offer the Chrome Policy Remover tool to help you remove any bad policies that may be negatively impacting your Chrome web browsing experience.

By making a donation, you will be helping me to cover the costs associated with maintaining and improving these extensions and apps. From hosting fees to software licenses to hardware upgrades, there are many expenses that come with creating and distributing these tools. And every little bit helps to ensure that I can continue offering them to you for free.

So if you have found value in my work and want to show your appreciation, please consider making a small donation today. Your contribution will be put to good use, helping to ensure that these browser extensions and apps remain among the best and most popular tools available for enhancing your browsing experience. Thank you for your support!


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