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Finance Toolbar
Finance Toolbar

Something innovative in the fintech market. That is available on Windows and Mac. It is the Finance Toolbar application. Access real-time stock information and investment updates to stay on top of the market. With the infinity dynamic scroller bar on top of your desktop, you can get this useful and simple Finance Toolbar app. And that includes tracking your stock and the latest currency valuta such as USD-EURO, USD-JPY, USD-CAD, and the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Finance Toolbar

Finance Toolbar on the Mac desktop on macOS Catalina
Finance Toolbar App

It receives today one of the biggest and major updates for the Finance Toolbar. You can monitor your portfolio from the dynamic scroller bar. Thereby, you can get your international stock information from Nasdaq, New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), TSX Venture, Montreal Exchange, Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), and any Foreign Exchange Market.

And you see real-time stock value such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500, Gold, Bitcoin cryptocurrency, etc. Furthermore, you can add many stocks to your portfolio, and with a single click, you see the finance page with the detailed Profit & Loss of that stock. You can get this amazing and useful app today, it is available in the Microsoft and Mac App Store.

App features of this stock ticker bar:

  • Real-time stock ticker information (with no API code needed as it starts instantly as magic)
  • Customize each color in the toolbar, from the red, green, text, and bar background-color
  • Asia users support inverting the red & green color
  • Option to add a new stock or to remove it
  • Option to switch from dynamic scrolling bar to static bar
  • Change the speed ratio of the dynamic scrolling bar
  • Show an optional 2nd stock ticker toolbar
  • Pin it on top of all your windows
  • Get the window in a single click on “top”, “bottom”, “full width”, or in the “center” of your desktop
  • Choose “Percent” of the stock, “Price” or the “Market Capitalization” in the toolbar
  • Change the opacity value of the toolbar (between 0% and 100%)
  • Support for Touch Bar to control the opacity, pin/unpin it, and open the Options window
  • Support for Dark Mode

In conclusion, this premium app and the high-quality app is engineered to get you the best financial information on top of your productivity work. Furthermore, it is simple and user-friendly. Therefore, it is an ideal tool for professionals, financial advisors, bankers, investors, students, and individuals with no financial experience. So you know the current price of your favorite stock from your desktop computer. Try now the Finance Toolbar on Windows and the Finance Toolbar on Mac!

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