TestFlight the next iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets Today

Apple released in June the next operating system for iPhone and iPad at his Apple WWDC 2022 event. And it is called iOS 16, thereby it has many new amazing features and improvements that help you empower people to do more. Which includes a new revamped lock screen where you can customize this with widgets.

Are you testing the latest new iOS 16 Beta 4? Then you have the chance to test today all my iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets for free.

iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets and Home Screen Widgets
iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets and Home Screen Widgets

iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets

Hard Disk

Monitor your local storage usage from the new iOS 16 lock screen. So you see a glance at the currently used storage. That is a progress bar widget or percentage number widget.

Date Today

See the current Quarter, Calendar week number, how many days of the total year days, and timezone on your lock screen.

Sunrise – Day Greeter

See the percentage of the passed and remaining time of the day. Thereby you can customize the start and end time on the settings page. So it math your personal life day rhythm.

My Lunar New Year – Countdown

See how many days when it is Lunar New Year. That is celebrated in Asia and also around the world. And it include also the option to see the zodiac animals as a widget.

My Christmas Tree – Countdown

See how many days when it is Christmas that as an inline widget on top of the current big time label. Or as a circle or rectangle widget below the time label.

Where can I get the iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets?

How do I get access to this beta? To test this new experience you must have the latest iOS 16 beta installed on your device. And download the TestFlight app on your iPhone or iPad. Then go to the Stefan vd beta project page, and choose the application you want to test. Please do not forget to feedback on the TestFlight app, that to improve the iOS 16 widget experience even further. I will much appreciate your expertise and suggestions in making these the best widgets for everyone.

All the iOS 16 Widget Bundle support the following families: .accessoryinline, .accessoryCircular, .accessoryRectangular, .accessoryCorner.
The new widget is built with the SwiftUI and it is also available for the watchOS 9. That also supports these new widget formats.

If you need any assistance or help with the installation of the iOS 16 widget, you can contact me using the support form.

Introducing the new Finance Toolbar App for Windows and Mac

Finance Toolbar App logo for Windows and Mac

Access real-time stock information and investment updates to stay on top of the market. With the infinity dynamic scroller bar on top of your desktop, that you can get with this useful and simple Finance Toolbar app. And that includes tracking your stock and the latest currency value such as USD-EURO and the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Finance Toolbar

Finance Toolbar on the Mac desktop on macOS Catalina
Finance Toolbar App

It receives today one of the biggest and major updates for the Finance Toolbar. You can monitor your portfolio from the dynamic scroller bar. Thereby, you can get your international stock information from Nasdaq, New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), TSX Venture, Montreal Exchange, Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), and any Foreign Exchange Market. And you see real-time the stock value such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500, Gold, Bitcoin cryptocurrency, etc. Furthermore, you can add many stocks in your portfolio, and with a single click, you see the finance page with the detailed Profit & Loss of that stock. You can get this amazing and useful app is available today in the Microsoft and Mac App Store.

App features of this stock ticker bar:

  • Real-time stock ticker information (with no API code needed as it starts instantly as magic)
  • Customize each color in the toolbar, that from the red, green, text and bar background-color
  • Asia users support to invert the red & green color
  • Option to add a new stock or to remove it
  • Option to switch from dynamic scrolling bar to static bar
  • Change the speed ratio of the dynamic scrolling bar
  • Show an optional 2nd stock ticker toolbar
  • Pin it on top of all your windows
  • Get the window in a single click on “top”, “bottom”, “full width”, or in the “center” of your desktop
  • Choose “Percent” of the stock, the “Price” or the “Market Capitalization” in the toolbar
  • Change the opacity value of the toolbar (between 0% and 100%)
  • Support for Touch Bar to control the opacity, pin/unpin it, and to open the Options window
  • Support for Dark Mode

In conclusion, this premium app and the high-quality app is engineered to get you the best financial information on top of your productivity work. Furthermore, it is simple and user-friendly. Therefore, it is an ideal tool for professionals, financial advisors, bankers, investors, students, and individuals with no financial experience. So you know the current price of your favorite stock that from your desktop computer. Try now the Finance Toolbar on Windows and the Finance Toolbar on Mac!

Introducing the new Memory Check App for Mac

Memory Check Mac App icon

Monitor your current memory use on your personal Mac computer. That from the Apple menu bar, or from the Notification widget. That is all with this useful and simple Memory Check app. Also, you can see from the detailed window the Physical Memory installed, App Memory, Wired Memory, and Compressed Memory usage.

Memory Check

The Mac application works in the background, and you will see only a static memory icon in your Apple Menu bar. However, you can customize this icon and change it to a live process bar. So if it shows you one single bar as an icon. Then you have low memory usage on your Mac. But when it is five bars, then your Mac computer is in very high memory use. And whereas use important to close some applications to keep your system optimal and running. The other option is to show the current memory usage as a percentage. And this new remarkable Mac app is available today in the App Store.

Memory Check Mac app - Monitor your current memory usage
Memory Check Mac App

Besides the application, from the notification center that you can open with a two-finger swipe from right to left. You can see this Notification widget for a quick glance at the current memory balance.

Mac app features:

  • See your total memory use in GB and percent
  • Get the currently active, wired, compressed memory use values
  • Warn when the memory is higher than the regular use
  • Overview of your active applications in your memory
  • Optional Memory meter (static, process bar, and percentage value) in the Apple menu bar
  • Notification widget
  • Support for Dark Mode

This premium app and the high-quality app is engineered to get you the best experience in a simple and user-friendly way. Furthermore, it is one of the best nifty tools to monitor your memory usage. That for Graphic artists, Video editors, Architects, Programmers, and Scientists to know how much memory is available on his Mac computer. Try now the Memory Check Mac app!

Introducing the new System Tools App for Mac

System Tools logo on the Mac App Store

Want a beautiful way to get a glance off all your system settings. Control your Mac from one universal panel, with this useful and powerful System Tool app. And that includes your screen Brightness, Volume, Bluetooth, Wifi, Airdrop, and the Disturb button.

System Tools

With a single click on the System Tools icon in your Apple menu bar, you get this remarkable translucent panel. Where the background is coherent with the elements below it. Here you can toggle on the buttons to enable or disable that system item. There under, is two slider bar that you can control with a click and a scroll of your mouse. That to control your screen brightness and the volume on your Mac computer. And below this control slider bar, you see eight listed applications you can open with a single tap. Furthermore, when you connect your iPhone or iPad on your computer. You will see the devices below this panel. And this new designed Mac app is available today in the App Store.

System Tools Mac app from Stefan Van Damme
System Tools Mac App

Also, it includes a Notification widget for the Notification Center on your right side. So it provides you with a two-finger swipe from right to left this see this widget. It is not a replacement but an extra place to control your Mac computer.

Mac app features:

  • Manage your Mac controls: Bluetooth, Wifi, Airdrops, and Do Not Disturb
  • Control your volume with a click and a scroll with your mouse
  • Control your screen brightness with a click and a scroll with your mouse
  • Open your favorite application
  • On the bottom, you see your connected devices such as the iPhone
  • Notification widget
  • Support for Dark Mode

I hope you like this premium and high-quality Mac app, just as I do. Above all, enjoy this simplicity and user-friendly design to control your personal Mac computer. It is the best System Manage app that is never seen before like this. Try now the System Tool Mac app!