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3D Buildings

Creating 3D building models in a virtual world, is popular since 2009. You saw buildings showing up in the online Google Maps version, and then later in the Google Earth program for Mac, Windows and online. They are created in the SketchUp program and Google 3D Maps Maker.

Supported platforms:
Discover now the buildings: Mac OS X Yosemite, Mac OS X El Capitan, Windows 8, Windows 10 and online in a web browser

View these building here below

Antwerp (Belgium)

this and the whole city in 3D 3D Project

Here you see a overview of all the 3d buildings in and around Antwerp, including the Town Hall, the Stone... You can watch it all in the Google Earth program.

Google Earth

Home & Garden

3D models of home and garden Home and Garden

Take a peek of one of the 3D graphic model of a house & Garden project. Each with a different aspect and atmosphere look...

Center Parcs

a holiday bungalow parc in 3D Center Parcs

The bungalow of the Center Parcs holiday accommodation is fully redrawn again in 3D. And contains all the features that are there as well. From kitchen to bedroom and terrace.

Het Hinkelpad

a elementary school in 3D Het Hinkelpad

Here you see the buildings of the nursery & primary school in Berchem. That's drawn in 3D. From the first stone to detailed work on the windows...

Google Earth

GTI Mortsel

a technical school in 3D Web Apps

Here you see the buildings and the all new playground of the technical secondary school in Mortsel. That's draw in 3D.

Google Earth

New York

a New York style loft in 3D New York

Life in a luxury loft in the heart of New York, with great 3D graphics displays of the apartment building.

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