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Stefan vd
GTI Mortsel Scene

GTI Mortsel in 3D

- Update project with add the DirectX 10 technology
- Update picture with the new playground
- Update O2C with the new playground

Below are some activities.
GTI Mortsel in 3D



On the button 'Picture' you can see 3D picture about the GTI Mortsel building and the new playground for the students. If you got more time check sure the video, there you see how amazing nice GTI Mortsel in 3D really is. If you want to walk self through the buildings, check the O2C program. There you can walk to the first and last class room. And also don't forget to see the GTI Mortsel school in the popular Google Earth program!


This is a representation of the building made in a three dimensions: length, width and height. So like the real thing with the right perfective and show the right texture. It gives you a virtual view from the top, bottom and sides.

GTI Mortsel in 3D


Year: 2004-2005

On a normal school day during the break of mathematics are we the talking with our classroom (4EMb) about action games. Then we thought: "Can we make GTI Mortsel in 3D for action game?" Edwin take this challenge. The first regular tour came on 1 August 2005 out in O2C program. This was later developed in late December '05, a tour in flash. The normal tour for websites and standard for place it on a desktop computer are done. But the game of GTI Mortsel we will discuss later ...

Year: 2005-2006

The distribution of this project was not very convincing, so in January '06 the first site opened with the name 'Stefan3d" from Skynet. That was a small beginning for a fine career. Then the name of the website changed the name because most people can not easily remember it (the longer URL). Therefore, this name is chosen so that the access is increased. Then I thought, "What about searching on the website? I will see that later..."

And a few days later Google invite me to index my website for safety, better and powerful search result. Of course I accept the invitation. And even i got the chance for a better evaluation of the website. Afterwards we have change the style and layout and added additional page from Stefan program.

Year: 2006-2007

The prospect of GTI Mortsel in 3D: The game is in progress with the Microsoft XNA technology. This version is a beta so mistakes can occur. Do not forget: the GTI game Mortsel in 3D will only come on this website. Recently the manual O2C tour of GTI Mortsel released in 3D without errors. Since September, is Google Earth 3D view the GTI Mortsel visible.

Early January is the "GTI Mortsel in 3D" site adjusted to the 2007 version. With new insertions such as the Google Desktop plug-in. And the buildings of the GTI Mortsel in Google Earth is also updated. The coordinates are 51°10'38.28"N 4"E in Google Earth. For the description of GTI Mortsel in the Google 3D Warehouse, visit this link.

Year: 2007-2008

A new playground in GTI, but also a new 3D graphical representation of the new playground. Click here for more info.

Today in May 2008, the new update o2c launched. What this means concretely that all objects are now displayed in the 3D graphics performance. And since July 29, 08 is the 3D version is updated to the current playground in the GTI. (O2c object version 09) If you want to review this project at the top click on the link o2c. (o2c the plugin must be installed for Internet Explorer or other browsers)

GTI Mortsel in 3D

Year: 2008-2009

1 August 08, On the picture's page are few new picture added of the new playground and few graphic video added. And the game version 2 has stopped, because no compatibility for Windows XP.

Year: 2009-2010

Google Earth update submitted

That is the year we create a small video about our 3D model. And it's since that day used for the "Turn Off the Lights" browser extension sample video.

The GTI Mortsel model is accepted for the "3D Buildings" layer.
And now the model will be visible in the layer 3D Buildings in Google Earth.
The 3D Warehouse Team.


Here a overview of all the 3D graphic picture of GTI. All picture's are in HD definition. To see the picture in big, click on one of the picture's.

GTI Mortsel in 3D GTI Mortsel in 3D GTI Mortsel in 3D GTI Mortsel in 3D GTI Mortsel in 3D GTI Mortsel in 3D GTI Mortsel in 3D GTI Mortsel in 3D GTI Mortsel in 3D GTI Mortsel in 3D GTI Mortsel in 3D GTI Mortsel in 3D GTI Mortsel in 3D GTI Mortsel in 3D GTI Mortsel in 3D GTI Mortsel in 3D GTI Mortsel in 3D GTI Mortsel in 3D GTI Mortsel in 3D GTI Mortsel in 3D GTI Mortsel in 3D GTI Mortsel in 3D GTI Mortsel in 3D


Here you see the video of GTI Mortsel in 3D (version 2009).
More information about the movie about GTI Mortsel, Click on the YouTube logo.

Erratum: In this video may have errors, they are deliberately used to appreciate that this project is not realistic buildings from this school. But it goes to a virtual environment that really shows.

Google Earth

Here you see GTI Mortsel in 3D. More information on below link:
Google 3D Warenhouse: GTI Mortsel

Thank You:

The Belgium school GTI Mortsel for realizing this project.

And the city Mortsel.