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Turn Off the Lights™
The Unique accessibility tool to dim the current web page. And highlight only the video player. Get all websites in a dark mode.

Available for
Google Chrome web browser Apple Safari web browser Opera web browser Mozilla Firefox web browser Microsoft Edge web browser Yandex web browser Maxthon web browser Samsung Internet web browser
Turn Off the Lights Browser Extension

Turn Off the Lights - Browser Extension

Are you tired of being distracted by the bright lights and shiny objects around you while watching a video on the web? Well, you are not alone! Many users find it hard to focus on the video content when their eyes are constantly being pulled away from the screen. Fortunately, there's a solution to this problem.

Enter "Turn Off the Lights", an innovative browser extension developed by Stefan Van Damme that enhances your video viewing experience by dimming everything around the video player. Whether you are watching a movie, a TED talk, or just a random video, this extension makes sure that you stay focused on the content.

How to dim the website to a comfortable view experience for my eyes?

Download the Browser Extension

First, download the free Turn Off the Lights browser extension that is available for all major web browsers. That by clicking on the blue download button to get it for your web browser. Installation completed, then you will see the gray lamp icon in your web browser toolbar.

Install Turn Off the Lights browser extension

One Click on the gray lamp button

Second, when you see an HTML5 video on the current web page or want to dim the complete web page. With a single click on this gray lamp button in your toolbar, it automatically highlights the HTML5 video player element, and slowly dark the rest of the web page.

See the visible gray lamp button in the web browser toolbar

Focus on the video player

And at last, when the web page is completely dimmed. You stay focused and concentrated on the current playing HTML5 video. Furthermore, you save valuable laptop battery power by not lighting up the black pixel on your computer screen.

With a single click it focus the video player and dark the rest of the web page


Lights Off

Turn Off the Lights is a free and useful browser extension for your favorite web browser. It provides focus on the video you are watching and makes everything around the video go dark. It works for all video sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc. and also on social networking sites. Focus Now. Always. Everywhere.

Browser Lamp

When the installation is complete, you will see the light gray lamp listed in the toolbar. And with one single click on the button, it will darken the current web page. And provide you the focus to the video player. If no video is found on the current web page, then the entire page will go to dark.

Turn Off the Lights dark layer enabled on Taylor Swift music video

Video Websites

Video Sites

This powerful and ultimate tool browser extension and detect all the HTML5 video players on the internet. And it works great on all the popular video sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Youku, etc.

Supported platforms

Turn Off the Lights extension focus YouTube videos Turn Off the Lights extension focus Vimeo videos Turn Off the Lights extension focus Dailymotion videos Turn Off the Lights extension focus YouKu videos Turn Off the Lights extension focus NETFLIX videos Turn Off the Lights extension focus HULU videos Turn Off the Lights extension focus HTML5 videos Turn Off the Lights extension focus VIDEO videos

News Sites

The breaking news are displayed on one single web page, and that include the video player. And with a click on the lamp it bring the focus to this video. A perfect example is on the CNN.com news site.

Business and Corporate Sites

Wherever a HTML5 video player is, it will detect this and highlight you this video. That include company sites such as Google and Microsoft.

Social Networking Sites

Today, social networks are the most popular websites where you can see the status of your friends, family, upcoming events, etc. And here you can also play and your friends videos or shared video. This browser extension works well on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, VKontakte, and many other social networking sites. One click, and you see only your friend video and everything behind is video player is dark.

Options page

Eye Protection

This useful Eye Protection feature can dim the web page so you have conformable web experience. You can customize it so ultimately to your requirement. You can activate the dark layer only on selected websites. Enable the Screen Shader option, so you can keep the dark layer active, and can click through the dark layer on the hyperlinks. And this is something that everybody wants to use this feature. Furthermore, you can select the time when you want the lights go automatically off. For example, you set the time from 9:00 pm until 6:00 am. And when it is 7:00 pm lights will go not off, but when it is 9:01 pm then the browser extension will turn the lights off.

Turn Off the Lights Eye Protection feature


Let turn you lights automatically off when you play a YouTube or even watch an HTML5 video. And if you click the pause button, it will return back to the original appearance of the page. Click back on the play button, it will fade back into the darkness.

Fade effect

The effect you see from light to dark is called the fade effect. This is one of the most important parts of high-quality experience in this extension. By default, the opacity is set to 80%. But you can always change this value in the options page.


Do you like not black? You can choose between thousands of different colors in the color picker window.


What if you want your wallpaper as a background. This is now possible, you can use one of the sample wallpaper in the extension or you can paste the URL of that image in the URL input box.

Gaussian Blur

You can even blur the entire website and bring only focus to video element that isn't blurred.

Multimedia Detection

If you enable this option, it will search for all the object, embed and iframe elements. And give them all focus to the foreground. This option is especially interesting for internet games if you want to get focus on the player only.

Opacity Level Bar

Turn this option on in the options page, then every time you page go dark, it shows right at the bottom of the web page a slider bar. In this slider bar, you can change directly the dark layer opacity.


With the AutoStop feature, you can stop all HTML5 video players from playing automatically when you open that web page. It blocks the video and shows you the red banner on top of this video players. And with a single click, you can continue to play that video and keep the other video elements blocked on the web page.

Turn Off the Lights AutoStop feature on Selena Gomez video

YouTube Options

YouTube Adjustments

Also, there are many more options possible to custom your YouTube video website. Such as displaying the current video channel name, the video title, description of the video, suggestion bar, share buttons and the playlist to the front when the light is off.


Another useful feature is the YouTube Auto HD option, so you can set automatically the highest quality of that video (240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4K, 5K, 8K, highres). And you can set the large YouTube player as default video player format.

Screenshot snapshot

When you show the Video Toolbar feature, you can see a camera icon in the bar. With a single click on the camera icon, it can create a snapshot. And you can customize the screenshot to your look style or add an extra filter on top.

Surprise and Helpful Features

Easter Eggs

Fun must be everywhere, right? Well, here in this extension there is a hidden Easter egg.

When you turn the lights off (so the page is dark), press on your keyboard the letter T. And you get the following message on your screen "Do you like a real movie theater?". Click on the OK button, and you get a cinematic background behind your video. If video is finished with playing, click on the cinema background to remove it.

Turn Off the Lights Cinema feature

Right-click menu

If you enable this feature in the options page, it is possible to use the right mouse click to focus on the current selected HTML5 video player, or bring the full web page to dark.

Screen Saver

This is a feature make it possible when you current tab page is inactive (no mouse movement). It automatically goes dark within 60 seconds.

Mouse Actions

Below a few options to navigate easily on a website without losing any comfort of reading and watching a video.


When you enable this option and the lights are off. It shows a spotlight around your mouse cursor, so you can click on the hyperlink of the currently open web page. Just like in the movie when a cinema steward is shining light with his flashlight.

Click through

With this option, you can click through the dark layer. So everything below the dark layer is clickable and you can select any text or show the right-click menu of your web browser. And that without the lights go back on.

Select Custom Area

Select self an area to focus an item, for example, a text part or image you want to see only. Just click and hold the left click, drag and lost the click.

Dynamic Background

This is a new feature to provide you a real-time dynamic background. Then the default solid black color. You can choose about more than five special effects with still receive focus to that video element on the web page. The Dynamic background is created with the HTML5 and CSS3 animation. It extends to each screen size you have. And with a single click, you return back the normal website view.

Fish Tank

It shows you few water bubbles coming up from down your web browser screen.

Pulsing Block

This will make a pulse effect for more than 50 blocks over your whole screen size.


Here you see raindrops falling from the top of your screen.


This show you random cloud moving to the other position of your screen.


The amazing option that you sure like it, space. This lets you see the moving stars are coming to the front of you, just like you are in a Disney Star Wars spaceship.

Atmosphere Lighting

This is the stunning feature of the browser extension, it brings an atmosphere lighting effect around the playing video. And it works for all HTML5 videos that include YouTube video website.

This feature generates light effects around the video player that corresponds to the video content. This effect will you give you an immersive viewing experience. And addition, it reduces viewer eye strain and increases perceived image quality.

You can choose between three kinds of options. An option to detect the color of the video content and show that as an atmospheric lighting effect. Or you can set a custom solid color for all videos.

Turn Off the Lights with the Atmosphere Lighting feature enabled on Selena Gomez music video

Solid Color

If you enable this option, it shows around the video one solid color that you have chosen from the color picker window. You can easily change this color to more one of the 10 million colors. So you can get a more relax and focus video experience.

Real Color

This option takes the color from the playing video content and shows it around the video player. It shows the shadow color on the top, right, bottom and left of the video player.

Blur & Spread Radius

You can change the blur and spread radius of the atmosphere lighting effect on the options page. With a slider, you can increase and decrease the atmospheric lighting effects.

Vivid Mode

To make the video come to life. You can enable this vivid mode for all HTML5 video players, this makes the real glow effects more realistic and dynamic for each new video frame. This gaussian blur effect goes around the border of the video player element.

Night Mode

This new feature makes it possible to remove the white background to black with one single click on the Night Mode switch. This feature is specially made for the night people to play his favorite YouTube video in the dark without damaging his eyes. And it works on all websites, that include on Google search website.

Turn Off the Lights Analytics

A web page to know what is your favorite website where you dim the most of the time the lights. And measure how long you are keeping the light off to save battery life.

Health and Care

If you work hours on a document on your personal computer, you can have tired eyes. That is better known as eyestrain problem, you can use the Turn Off the Lights Browser extension, that help you to dark the rest of the web page and focus only the video. That can rest down your eyes with that bright light shining to your face and direct to your eyes.

Also, if you have Excess Tearing (eye problem). That you are sensitive to light, wind, or temperature changes. You can protect this by place a shield on top of your eyes. In the summer you can wear sunglasses, but here for your favorite web browser, you can use the Turn Off the Lights Browser extension.



Background Image

Atmosphere Lighting

Dynamic Background

Mouse Volume Scroll

AutoStop HTML5 Video

Night Mode



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Installation of the extension

Over-the-air updates

You always get the latest version of this browser extension. If a newer version is available, the Turn Off the Lights extension automatically updates to the latest version, so you always get the latest and greatest new features. The update packages are small and are completely free.


This is a browser extension and is only available for the modern internet web browsers such as:

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Press Expert Review


Many bloggers, YouTubers, and journalists found this a useful browser extension and experience beyond the description text. That to help them focus on the show, movie, music clip or video they are watching.

Quote Newspaper

Below are the impressed quotes from the world press about the useful browser extension. That includes the Chrome extension to the Safari extension.

If you’re watching a video online, but can’t increase it to full-screen size, then this handy extension will dim the background of the screen, so you can focus solely on the video.

- Claudine Beaumont, telegraph.co.uk

Enjoy your media with less bright distractions like animated ads and banners.

- Nicole Cozma, CNET Journal

Fazit: Eine wirklich gelungene Erweiterung für Firefox. Sie ist Pflicht für jeden, der gerne Filme und Videos im Internet ansieht.

- Michael Humpa, chip.de

Little Internet Browsing Tricks That Will Make Your Life Better

- Kayla Suazo, buzzfeed.com

Acknowledged and applauded by companies

Stefan's browser extensions is regularly acknowledged and applauded by companies:

Note: Only available for in the latest version of Google Chrome 33, Safari 10, Opera 15, Firefox 64, Microsoft Edge 76 and higher.