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Stefan vd



Stefan Van Damme is a Full Stack Developer, with a big creative mind of web technology. That create useful web applications that is coherent with a good user interface and bit of playful effects to entertainment the user.

I am a tremendous developer that changed the internet web experience. I created the Turn Off the Lights Browser extension that has been featured on Google, YouTube, Mozilla, and Microsoft Windows Blog. And build high-quality apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. I am a YouTube Community Contributor, Google Product Expert (PE) / Trusted Tester (TT). And I won the Google I/O 2017 contest for the Best Student Google Assistant from the 1000 entries.


Honors & Awards

Powerful and creative apps in pure web technology

NEW January 2019: Interactive Guide

Here an overview of the big web experiences you can discover today in your favorite web browser.

Interactive Guide

Turn Off the Lights Welcome Guide

This is the interactive Welcome Guide for the Turn Off the Lights Browser extension. That explain the feature in the popular browser extension.

Read about Welcome Guide

Web VR Experiment

Aurora Player for VR (webvr)

Experience a vivid video player with glow effect in your VR web browser. The color sparks match the content of the current video frame.

Read about the Aurora Player VR

Atmosphere Lighting

Aurora Player for Microsoft Store

A regular HTML5 video player with atmosphere lighting effect that match with the content of the HTML5 video.

Read about the Aurora Player App

User Experience

Simplicity in the Browser Extension Options page

A simple options page that match to the user experience to change a setting. And an option to get a Dark Mode user interface.

Read about Browser Extension User Interface

Animated panels

Simplicity in the Browser Extension Options page

Dynamic Particles animation on the app overview page on my personal Stefan vd website. That give a glance of magic on the web page.

Read about Stefan website

Brand website

Turn Off the Lights Official website

The official Turn Off the Lights website with demo panel to preview this browser extension without installing this extension in your web browser.

Read about Turn Off the Lights website

UX Concepts

Here an early product conceptualization about the future of Google Maps. I am a Google Local Guide for Google Maps. And this is my open though ideas to get a great experience as a user and business owner with Google Maps Embed API.

Embed API Concept

User Experience Google Maps Concept

Few user experience concept on to get the Google Maps experience on your business website. And easily to acces and open to your mobile phone.

Read about UX Concept