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Stefan vd

Portfolio - Maps API Concept


Google Maps is a widely used tool by millions of people around the world to locate different destinations. Businesses also rely on Google Maps to provide their customers with information about their location and directions. To make the experience of using Google Maps even better for businesses, Google is currently working on a new embed element that can be added to a business website.

This new embed element will include features such as the latest business hours and action buttons, providing visitors with a better understanding of the business's operating hours and services. Additionally, the color of the map will change based on the time of day, providing visitors with a visual representation of the current time.

The purpose of this new element is to make the experience more interactive and informative for businesses and their customers. It will allow businesses to showcase their opening hours and provide visitors with an easy way to navigate to their location. Visitors will also benefit from having up-to-date information about a business's operating hours, which can help them plan their visit more effectively.

Overall, the new Google Maps embed element is an exciting development that promises to improve the experience of using Google Maps for businesses and their customers alike. By providing more information and interactive features, this new element will help businesses better engage with their customers and provide a more seamless experience.

UX screenshots

Map View Business hours User Embed Map View Street View Business hours