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Play a game of Four-in-a-Row on the board in the Windows 11 widget panel.

For Windows 11

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Four-in-a-Row for Windows

Are you a fan of strategy games that test your wit and tactical skills? Look no further! We are thrilled to introduce the Four-in-a-Row Windows 11 Widget, a delightful addition to your gaming arsenal. Designed specifically for Windows 11, this widget brings the classic game of Four-in-a-Row right to your desktop, making it easily accessible and ready for endless hours of fun.

In this timeless game, your objective is simple yet challenging: be the first to connect four of your colored discs in a row, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. With the Four-in-a-Row Windows 11 Widget, you can now engage in thrilling matches with friends, family, or even challenge the AI at various difficulty levels. Do not miss out on this exciting opportunity to relive a beloved classic right from your Windows 11 desktop! Experience the joy of strategic gameplay and challenge your friends to intense Four-in-a-Row matches today.

Four-in-a-Row Video Demostration

YouTube video demonstration of the Windows 11 application and the Windows 11 widget:

Four-in-a-Row supported platforms:
Discover now the Windows 10, and Windows 11

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Get Four-in-a-Row from the Microsoft Store

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