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Stefan vd

Proper Menubar Opera Extension Changelog

Latest Updates for Proper Menubar Opera Extension

4 September 2019
+ Fixed warning message that toolbar is not visible on Options page
5 February 2019
+ Translation update
+ Fixed Google Image URL
+ Fixed open URL in a new and curren tab

5 February 2019
+ Translation update

2 February 2019
+ Fixed saving URL in the Options page

1 February 2019 + Fixed manifest
+ Popup window style

31 January 2019 version
+ New Matertial Design Options page
+ The browser menubar is the default option
+ Improvement to show the bar on top of the current web page
+ Option to add/remove more Google products in the list
+ Option to get the bar below or top of your web browser screen
+ Option to customize the position of the Google products
+ Option to see the menubar in the popup window
+ Option to mute/unmute the sound on the current tab

11 July 2016 version 1.0:
+ New clean design in the options page and popup window + Fixed to add toolbar on all websites + Fixed Google Maps position