Proper Menubar Google Chrome Extension has been uninstalled

Proper Menubar Browser extension icon
Did you remove Proper Menubar by mistake?

There is more in Proper Menubar Google Chrome Extension…

It is understandable, but it is a little sad to hear that you uninstalled the Proper Menubar Google Chrome extension.

First and foremost, Proper Menubar brought back the traditional menu bar to your web browser, reinstating a familiar navigation system for users who prefer it over the browser's default layout. This feature alone significantly improves accessibility and ease of use for many individuals, streamlining their browsing workflow.

Proper Menubar gave users the ability to customize their browsing setup according to their likes. Users could change the order of menu items and select which features they wanted to see. This extension allowed users to make their browsing experience unique to them.

Additionally, you can also opt for the Google bar, which displays all Google products in one horizontal line, including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Keep, Google Meet, etc.

Also, Proper Menubar is not just free but also Open-Source, which means you can rely on its code and even pitch in to help develop it if you have the skills and desire. Plus, it works on all web browsers, so you can enjoy its advantages no matter which one you prefer.

So, if you accidentally removed Proper Menubar, consider reinstalling it to regain access to these convenient features that can streamline your online activities and make your browsing experience more efficient.