Note Sidebar Naver Whale Extension has been uninstalled

Note Sidebar Browser extension icon
Did you remove Note Sidebar by mistake?

There is more in Note Sidebar Naver Whale Extension…

If you accidentally removed the Note Sidebar, do not worry! Reinstalling the browser extension is very easy. Simply click the blue download button to get the Note Sidebar back. And the icon will be added in your web browser toolbar.

Once installed, you will have easy access to your notes. That will enrich your browsing experience by browsing and taking note together. If you encounter any issues, I am on standby to help. All questions and feedback is welcome to improve this browser extension.

Discover the hidden features within Note Sidebar. Such as right-click to copy text to the sidebar, customize background wallpaper, text and background colors, utilize text-to-speech capability, save as TXT files, count characters, and print. Furthermore, the Note Sidebar extension is freely available and Open-Source.

Do not hesitate any longer! Reinstall Note Sidebar today and rediscover seamless navigation. Boost your productivity and efficiency while browsing the web effortlessly, thanks to Note Sidebar's easy-to-use design and strong features. Happy browsing!