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Stefan vd

Finance Toolbar Safari Extension Changelog

Latest Updates for Finance Toolbar Safari Extension

10 July 2016 version 0.4:

+ New Options page design
+ Flatt design for the toolbar
+ Fixed basic support for Indian stocks
+ Fixed refresh toolbar data to seconds time frame
+ Option to change the colors for the stock name, positive and negative values

v0.3.3 + Fix option page min number minutes + Fix “_blank” links v0.3.2 Fix Chrome api change + improve option page + share button v0.3.1.1 Fix Chrome api change v0.3.1 + Fix that it doesn’t overwrite the value v0.3 + Add option to choose the font family + Add option to change the font size of the toolbar + Add order stocks, choose self the position of the stock in the option page. (Not a->z but custom) + Fix change 'current ask' to ‘LastTradePriceOnly’ + Fix change the default stocks add DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVER add S&P 500 v0.2.5 Add option to show the percent, price or Market Capitalization. v0.2.3 Public release v0.1 First release