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Stefan vd

Finance Toolbar Chrome Extension Changelog

Latest Updates for Finance Toolbar Chrome Extension

19 March 2020 v1.0.0.6 + Fixed stock value that is null

21 January 2020 v1.0.0.5
+ Fixed saving issue API token
+ Fixed stock percent and market value
16 January 2020 v1.0.0.4
+ Fixed IECloud API
16 December 2019 v1.0.0.3
+ New IECloud API
16 May 2019 v0.5.27.0
+ Translation update
15 May 2019 v0.5.26.0
+ Translation update
20 February 2019 v0.5.25.0
+ Removed Google+ logo
+ Fixed link to currency

28 February 2019 v0.5.24.0
+ Fixed currency

28 December 2018 v0.5.23.0
+ Fixed Yahoo Finance URL
+ Fixed Google Finance URL

28 December 2018 v0.5.22.0
+ Fixed Yahoo Finance URL

14 December 2018 v0.5.21.0
+ Fixed background script for the currency
+ Translation update

13 December 2018 v0.5.20.0
+ Add function for the left and right arrow
+ Improvement the static scrollbar

12 December 2018 v0.5.19.0
+ Option to show the currency and Bitcoin value
+ Improvement the static bar with a dark scrollbar

22 November 2018 v0.5.18.0
+ Fixed whitelist option

21 October 2018 v0.5.17.0
+ Improvement the font-size in the popup window

4 October 2018 v0.5.16.0
+ Fixed issue double stocks in xmlrequest
+ Fixed finance stock can not be found
+ Improvement manifest file 15 September 2018 v0.5.15.0
+ Fixed the loading of the first default stock names

3 Augustus 2018 version
+ Fixed get Finance data URL
+ Fixed empty string

3 Augustus 2018 version
+ Fixed get Finance data URL

3 Augustus 2018 version
+ Fixed load faster the finance data
+ Fixed the context menu
+ Fixed the default stocks

19 July 2018 version
+ Fixed favo tool is not hidden

18 June 2018 version
+ Removed the option to choose for Alpha Vantage API data source because they ask that this is not for client users

18 June 2018 version
+ Fixed Options page

18 June 2018 version
+ Add option to choose for IEX Trading API or Alpha Vantage API

15 June 2018 version
+ Fixed toolbar stock data
+ Fixed center text

14 June 2018 version
+ Fixed style of the buttons and toolbar

14 June 2018 version
+ Fixed Rating dialog

14 June 2018 version
+ Fixed options page saving

13 June 2018 version
+ New material design options page and popup window
+ Add more stock support from country such as UK, Canada, India, etc. with Alpha Vantage API
+ Add option to choose the position of the bar on top or bottom of the web page
+ Add option scrolling or static bar
+ Add support real-time currency exchange rates for physical and digital currencies such as bitcoin
+ Add support for a double stockbar
+ Add option to fill the background for each stock value in red/green
+ Improvement prevent double stock in table
+ Mini stock ticker in the popup window
+ Prevent opening in the popup window such as Gmail new message
+ Add option for white and blacklist to show the Finance Toolbar
+ Add option to change world map icon color and opacity
+ Add option to remove the world map icon
+ Add option to display the following information: price and percent
+ Add option to change the stock name to your own custom name or the official full name
+ Add option to choose your favorite finance website from Google Finance or Yahoo Finance
+ Add option to hear the opening and close bell of the stock market
+ Add option for a scrolling bar depent of the tick of the clock
+ Improved the issue web page is cutted off

9 December 2017 version
+ Fixed percent value

8 December 2017 version
+ Translation update

8 December 2017 version
+ Translation update
+ Fixed Options page buttons in the help page

21 November 2017 version
+ Add option to show toolbar on selected websites
+ Add online options page

21 November 2017 version
+ Replace Yahoo Finance API with IEX Trading API

10 July 2016 version 0.4:

+ New Options page design
+ Flatt design for the toolbar
+ Fixed basic support for Indian stocks
+ Fixed refresh toolbar data to seconds time frame
+ Option to change the colors for the stock name, positive and negative values

v0.3.3 + Fix option page min number minutes + Fix “_blank” links v0.3.2 Fix Chrome api change + improve option page + share button v0.3.1.1 Fix Chrome api change v0.3.1 + Fix that it doesn’t overwrite the value v0.3 + Add option to choose the font family + Add option to change the font size of the toolbar + Add order stocks, choose self the position of the stock in the option page. (Not a->z but custom) + Fix change 'current ask' to ‘LastTradePriceOnly’ + Fix change the default stocks add DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVER add S&P 500 v0.2.5 Add option to show the percent, price or Market Capitalization. v0.2.3 Public release v0.1 First release