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Browser Extension

Date Today Chrome Extension

Thanks for trying our Date Today Open Source Browser extension. Please help us improve Date Today by telling us why you uninstalled it. Your feedback is much appreciated.

  • No worry, an accident can happen. You can reinstall the Date Today Chrome extension back from this download button.

    Google Chrome web browser Download Now for Google Chrome™
  • When you enter the full screen mode, the web browser show you a mini message on how to exit this mode. Mostly it is the "Esc" key or another key (for Windows, Linux and Mac users). But you can always close the Date Today mode if you click back on the "Date Today" Chrome extension.

    Just follow the steps here below to get back the Date Today Chrome extension:
    • 1. Install the Date Today Chrome extension back in your Chrome web browser.

      Google Chrome web browser Download Now for Google Chrome™
    • 2. Restart your web browser.
    • 3. And click on the black Date Today icon in your toolbar.
  • Sorry you have had this bad experience! It is possible that another Chrome extension or Google Chrome web browser version broke this feature. Make sure the latest Date Today Chrome extension is installed in your Google Chrome web browser, you can get it by clicking on the button here below.

    Google Chrome web browser Download Now for Google Chrome™

    Here few other important things you can check to solve this problem:
    • + Check that you are using the latest version of your Google Chrome web browser.
    • + Do you use any other Chrome extensions in the background? Try to disable those one by one except the Date Today Chrome extension.
    • + Check that you are using no experimental flags, or better know as chrome://flags.
    • + Try to delete your cookies and cache files. And restart your Google Chrome web browser.
    If you still experience this issue, don't hesitate to contact me on this Use this support form. I am happy to research this issue and to solve this problem.
  • Thank you for trying out the Date Today Browser extension!

    You are free to use this Date Today Browser extension. And you can always install this unique and Open Source browser extension on anytime back on your Chrome web browser. I wish you a very nice day and you can close now this page.
  • When you install for the first time the Date Today Chrome extension, it shows you only 1x the 'Welcome' page. And the Chrome extension saves this information in a new setting, that you saw already those two pages.

    One of the reasons is that there is a Chrome extension installed on your Chrome web browser, that is not compatible with our Date Today Chrome extension. And try to remove always your settings. You can solve this very easy on your Chrome web browser by following the steps here below: note: The Date Today Chrome extension settings are always sync with your Google account, so whenever you login in a new Chrome browser. You get your user settings in that new web browser. And it does not show the welcome page again.
  • What kind of issue do you get in your Chrome web browser?
    Don't hesitate to contact me. Use this support form to contact me, and I am happy to help you solve this problem, feedback or suggestion.