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Stefan vd

Date Today Firefox Extension Changelog

Latest Updates for Date Today Firefox Extension

10 February 2024 v1.4.4.0
+ Fixed background script
+ Fixed missing translation

1 February 2024 v1.4.3.0
+ Added option to hide the month in the badge feature

23 January 2024 v1.4.2.0
+ Fixed background page did not run

21 January 2024 v1.4.1.0
+ Fixed default night mode backgroundcolor
+ Popup panel replaced innerHTML code with innerText

19 January 2024 v1.4.0.1
+ Fixed tooltip name

19 January 2024 v1.4.0.0
+ Update to Manifest V3 technology
+ Added option to show the current day on top or below the badge (depending on the web browser)
+ Add Picture-in-Picture mode for the Date Today Panel
+ Improvement Options page
+ Updated Twitter logo

31 January 2019 v1.3.6.0
+ Fixed manifest permission to allow to open the Options page 29 November 2018 v1.3.5.0
+ Fixed timestap
+ Fixed contextmenu

19 June 2018 v1.3.3.0
+ Fixed stamp option visible as tooltip (when you hover on the Date Today icon)
+ Fixed Options page

12 May 2018 v1.3.2.0
+ Fixed translation

11 May 2018 Date Today v1.3.1.0
+ Fixed style options page + Translation update
+ New material design options page

23 December 2017 Date Today v1.2.12.0
+ Fixed saving the badge color
+ Improve the hour and minutes hand
+ Improve the badge label text up to 3 characters (for the day and month name)

15 November 2017 v1.2.9.0:
+ Add option to change the popup background color

14 November 2017 v1.2.8.0:
+ Fixed color change
+ Improvement performance

17 October 2017 version
+ Changed the settimeout to chrome.alarm API

17 August 2017 version
+ Translation update

7 August 2017 version
+ Add seconds in tooltip + Add blinking point for each seconds 7 August 2017 version
+ Fixed badge icon + Fixed recommend bar + OK Improve product design + OK Copy the current date/time from the Date Today popup window + OK Option to show the day & month in the toolbar icon + OK Option Badge to choose for clock, month or day of the week + OK Remember page in popup

10 July 2016 version 1.1:
+ New options page design + Fixed date stamp for the right-click menu + Option for Night Mode clock + Option to change the colors for the regular and night mode view + Option to show the digital clock in the toolbar + Option to hide the analog clock in the toolbar + Option to remove the analog clock background

version 1.0.5: Manifest v2 Option page style version 1.0.5: Add right click menu stamp (date and time) version 1.0.4: Fix option style Fix translation version 1.0.3: Fix option setting version 1.0.2: New option page style fix save for colors fix translations fix welcome page version New option page version Fix folder translation pt_PT version Add translation pt_PT version Add translation Greece version Add translation Italian version Add translation Ukrainian version Fix UTF8 problem Redesign the option page Redesign the welcome page Add the language file zh_CN and zh_TW version Fix UTF8 problem for Spanish language version Add Catalan and Spanish translation version Fix optimization code of use extension version Fix option page height size Fix Chinese language version Fix default colors => preview clock on the option page version Add color chooser for time and day. Fix Chinese language Fix layout option page Fix bug analog clock version Add optimization code of use extension Add Chinese language Fix style anolog clock icon Fix Russian language Fix German language Redesign option page version Fix hu translation error version Add translation hu and ro Redesign the option page layout version Fix language problems version Fix welcome page (permission new tab only) version Fix welcome page version Add welcome page version Fix style layout version Fix am and pm style version Fix hours that not display version Fix tooltip => forget to refresh it version Add Russian language and fix 12h tooltip version Add English, Dutch, French and German languages version Option for 12h clock format (thanks to Irish) version Fix display hours position (now align to right) version Add full time and date for tooltip version First version