Date Today Microsoft Edge Extension has been uninstalled

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Did you remove Date Today by mistake?

There is more in Date Today Microsoft Edge Extension…

It is understandable, but it is a little sad to hear that you uninstalled the Date Today Opera extension. In doing so, you are missing out on some valuable features that could enhance your browsing experience. First and foremost, Date Today provides you with quick access to today's date which can copy the timestamp in your clipboard memory, which might seem trivial until you realize how often you need it for various tasks, from filling out forms to organizing your schedule.

Additionally, Date Today offers customizable date formats, allowing you to tailor the display to your preferences. Whether you prefer the analog clock format or digital clock, Date Today has you covered. This flexibility ensures that the extension suits your specific needs.

Furthermore, Date Today is not only free but also Open-Source, meaning you can trust its code and even contribute to its development if you have the skills and inclination to do so. And the fact that it works on all web browsers means you can enjoy its benefits regardless of your preferred browser.

So, if you accidentally removed Date Today, consider reinstalling it to regain access to these convenient features that can streamline your online activities and make your browsing experience more efficient.