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Aurora Player™ - The Best Video Player for Windows computer

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The Unique Video Player App Ever for Windows

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This new app use the glow part of the most popular Turn Off the Lights browser extension, and is redesigned in this new amazing video player. "Aurora Player", it bring an ambient light effect around the playing video. It works for all your video files on your computer. This feature generates light effects around the video player that correspond to the video content. This effect will give you a immersive viewing experience.

Aurora Player for Windows show a HTML5 video player with playlist
Aurora Player in ambilight atmospheric lighting effect
Ready? Let the Movie Begin

When the app is finished with installing, you see a welcome guide to know the basic feature in the Aurora Player Microsoft Store app. After this you can open any media files, by clicking on the "open" button in the app.

You can also enable this app to play all yours default .webm, .mov, .mp4, .m4v, .mpeg, .wmv files on your computer.

Vivid Video

When you first open this Windows app you can use our own sample video or the National Geographic video. If you click on one of the buttons it go to the video player screen.

Also when the video is still playing, you can go back to the video wall. By open the app bar and click on the home button. Below you will see that current playing video a small window.

Aurora Player in a blue atmospheric lighting effect
Open files and online YouTube videos also in a dynamic backlight effect
Open Own Media Files

To open an own video, open the Microsoft Store app. 'Right click' with you mouse on the current page. And the application bar will be visible, with the 'Open Video' file button.

Also there is a button to open a YouTube video inside this unique video player app.

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Get Aurora Player from the Microsoft Store

Aurora Player is a trademark of Stefan Van Damme in the United States and in other countries. For the class Computer and Software Products and Electrical and Scientific Products.