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Ambient Aurea Chrome Extension Changelog

Changelog (English)

11 May 2018 v2.2.5.0
+ Fixed translation

11 May 2018 v2.2.4.0
+ Fixed setting in the option page

10 May 2018 v2.2.3.0
+ Translation update

+ New material design option page

10 July 2016 version 2.1:
+ New options page design + Fixed right-click menu + Updated social buttons logos

21 March 2015 Ambient Aurea v2.0.0.5 + Improvement Options page 21 March 2015 Ambient Aurea v2.0.0.4 Chrome + Add video intro Ambient Aurea that make your images online show just better than ever before. version 2.0 Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox + New clean options page design + Vivid mode on photos Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox version (or 1.0.0-U) Fix z-index level Add shortcut key arrow left and right Improve option page share button version only Chrome Fix Chrome api change version only Opera 1.0.0-M Add context menu version (or 1.0.0-L) Fix play button image Add Event Pages feature only Chrome version (or 1.0.0-K) Fix translation Fix image size version Fix image size Change style option share button Update translation version Fix link to code google