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Stefan vd

Portfolio - Animated panels


A web page that is mostly a static page when you scroll and read the news. But on my personal website I create on few panels a magic effect to bring some attention to the user that this a real animated app. So the user can see and get a glance of what it looks like on your device.

You can visit this in Stefan Browser extensions and apps web page:

Traffic Blinker website

Traffic Blinker, the web page about the Apple Watch app that bring you more visible on the road when you are a bikers, cyclists, step, electric scooters, electric bikes, skateboarders, hoverboards, three-wheelers, hoverboards, or even one-wheelers.

Magic Actions website

Magic Actions, is a Google Assistant application to bring a real interactive magic show to your home and living room. That from card trick to hard to solve brain tricks.

The website animation panel works in the Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Microsoft Edge web browser.

A few screenshots

Traffic Blinker website Magic Actions website