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About Full Screen

Simple and easy to use

Full Screen is a lightweight and the ultimate tool where you can bring your whole browser tab in full screen. That include also with only video player, the image and web page. This Full Screen browser extension works on all web pages.

Right Click menu

Some web browser are so simple in the user interface, while still missing one of the major feature. That include the Full Screen context menu, with this browser extension you can add this right click menu item in your favorite web browser. And for each video player, image, page you can show it in full screen.

Major Support

This browser extension is available for all major web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Microsoft Edge. It is designed for simplicity for all internet users. I hope you like this free and open source browser extension. And you can always support this project with a small donation.

The Best Browser extension

Full Screen Browser extension is rated 4 on the 5 stars. Many bloggers and journalists found this great browser extension, where you can get current tab in full screen that with a single button in toolbar. Great for tablet and kiosk mode that have not a keyboard.