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Thank you for installing Date Today. To begin using the Date Today Check app, simply click on its icon. Once opened, you will find a clock displayed on your desktop, which you can pin and keep floating on your screen, ensuring it remains visible across all screens.

With Date Today, you can quickly glance at your screen to find the current time, date, and week, ensuring you're always in sync with your schedule. And the current month's calendar can be displayed on your desktop and in the Windows 11 widget panel. Furthermore, you can also customize the style of this clock and choose the design you want to see on your desktop, whether it's a white analog clock or an option to display a 12-hour clock or 24-hour clock (military time), etc.

The accompanying Windows 11 widget further enhances your desktop experience by providing at-a-glance information on disk usage. Customize the widget to display relevant data points, ensuring that critical information is always just a glance away. Stay informed and in control of your system's storage resources with the sleek and user-friendly widget.

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