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Stefan vd

Zoom Chrome Extension

Changelog (English)

19 April 2020 v2.5.7.0 11 December 2019 v2.5.6.0 24 December 2019 v2.5.5.0 11 December 2019 v2.5.4.0 30 August 2019 v2.5.3.0
+ Fixed local files to zoom in and out
+ Update Translation string to compact lines
+ Improvement manifest.json file the content security

29 August 2019 v2.5.2.0
+ Fixed local files can zoom in and out with the CSS zoom engine
+ Add permission list in the about tab

21 August 2019 v2.5.1.0
+ Fixed wrong loading and showing of the zoom value on the current web page
+ Fixed Option page would not save the settings
+ Fixed Social buttons

20 August 2019 v2.5.0.0
+ Add search bar in the Options page
+ Add optional magnifying glass
+ Fixed error for can not find current zoom value

30 November 2018 v2.4.7.0
+ Improved icon size and support for Dark Mode

1 October 2018 v2.4.6.0
+ Fixed current zoom value in the context menu
+ Fixed automatically zoom in/out for all screen sizes
+ Fixed layout in the Options page guide page on mobile
+ Fixed badge label for 100% value

16 September 2018 v2.4.5.0
+ Improved the manifest file

14 September 2018 v2.4.4.0
+ Fixed loading the Options page

14 September 2018 v2.4.3.0
+ Improved CSS for the zoom website list in the options page
+ Fixed the context menu

9 September 2018 version
+ Translation update
+ Improved the regex pattern for the website URL

2 April 2018 version
+ Fixed browser built-in zoom engine saving website
+ Fixed wrong value zoom badge

25 March 2018 version
+ Options page in Material Design
+ Option to choose the font size engine
+ Fixed default zoom value for that screen size

9 December 2017 version
+ Translation update
+ Fixed Options page buttons in the help page

9 December 2017 version
+ Translation update
+ Fixed Options page buttons in the help page

26 November 2017 version + Fixed Built-in zoom 'by page level'
+ Fixed Options page

24 November 2017 version
+ Fixed mouse scroll in badge

17 November 2017 version
+ Fixed zoom value send to correct sender tab

14 November 2017 version
+ Fixed saving zoom value on page level

13 November 2017 version
+ Fixed browser wrong number
+ Fixed color change

13 November 2017 version
+ Fixed browser built-in zoom didn’t save website zoom value
+ Fixed wrong popup size in browser built-in zoom

11 November 2017 version 2.3.6
+ Fixed badge number for each new tab and window

9 November 2017 version 2.3.5
+ Fixed saving website zoom value

9 November 2017 version 2.3.4
+ Fixed badge color
+ Fixed default zoom on all pages and not on custom web page
+ Add website validation in options page
9 October 2017 version
+ Fixed shortcut key

4 August 2017 version
+ Fixed Options page design

3 August 2017 version
+ Improvement Zoom engine first default settings
+ Add option for default zoom value for other screen sizes

3 July 2017 version
+ Option for large window
+ Option for zoom level by page and domain
+ Few default settings bug fixed
6 June 2017 version
+ Option click double zoom in and one click to zoom out
+ Zoom slider color bar in the zoom popup.html (all web browsers)
+ Improvement in the Options page
+ Option to hold your mouse click and scroll to zoom in or out the current page

10 July 2016 version
+ Fixed zoom doesn't set in a new tab

9 July 2016 version
+ Fixed current window zoom value

9 July 2016 version
+ Fixed Context menu

9 July 2016 version 2.1:
clean options page
Custom zoom level for each website visible in the options page
Refresh popup style

version 2.0: clean options page
version Option zoom for all web pages
version Mouse zoom scroll added
version Fix Chrome api change and zoom min to 1
version Fix body font families
version Fix match round and CSS style
version 1.1: Change style icon and button, possible to save website zoom
Fix the font slider
Show the value, when click on the - or + button
version Change position button
version Add back the button for zoom + and -
version New slider for zoom control
Add translation nl, zh_CN and zh_TW
Add a welcome page
version Add optimization code of use extension
version Fix bug
version Fix bug
version 1.0: First version