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Proper Menubar

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Not One but All Websites

The Proper Menubar can be show on all websites even not Google sites. So you can easy open your Calendar everwhere.

Proper Menubar

Add Menubar

Click on the + icon, and in the small popup window click on the button "Proper Menubar is Off" to enable the bar.

Proper Menubar

Easy and Fast

You can evencustomize the bar from color, links and more that all in the Proper Menubar option page.

Proper Menubar

* Google is a trademark of Google Inc. Use of this trademark is subject to Google Permissions.
Support:  Google Chrome  Opera Firefox

Proper Menubar - Browser Extension

- Firefox
- Opera
- Google Chrome


Proper Menubar

Proper Menubar is a free extension for you browser. That you show you all the Google products links on one bar. So you can easy visit a Google product.


You can easy hide or show the menubar by clicking on the black rectangle with the white plus icon. Then you see a green button (to hode it) or red button (to make it visible).


In the option page you can enable it for all sites or only Google sites.

Finance Toolbar

Option paginaOption page


When you first installed the Proper Menubar extension, it detect automatic your browser language and country. Then it set all the Google links to the correct country. But you can of course change the country in the option page.


Want less links in the menubar? That is possible because you can easy remove or add more links in the menubar. To show a product link in the bar enable the box, and if you don't want to see that product link, uncheck the box.


Also there is an option to automatic detect the search keyword so it may use this for the links in search, images, YouTube or other Google products.


Black is the default background color, but you can change this to a cooler or hot color. Customazation is very important to make this menubar your favorite one place for all your Google products.


In the color window you can choose about more then thousand differents colors.


Want an background image behind? That is also possible. You can choose between the five wallpaper for the Proper Menubar: Forest, Mountain, Sea, Africa, Snow.

Proper Menubar

Opacity Background

Also it's possible to make the background color of the Proper Menubar more opacity.

Font Color

Have a lighter background and can't see the links well, change the links color here with this option.


There are three option to show the Proper Menubar. You can show this:
a) on all Google Sites;
b) on all websites;
c) or you own chosen websites.



Check first if you install the latest version of you browser. Here below on this page, you see a list of link where you can download the browser:

Over-the-air updates

You always get the latest version of my extension. If a newer version is available, the "Proper Menubar" extension automatically get update to the latest version, so you always get the latest great features. The update packages are small and is completely free.


This extension work for all browser version of Google Chrome, Safari,  Firefox  and Opera users 1.


ScreenPress Review


Finance Toolbar rated 4.9 / 5 based on 123 ratings on our Chrome Web Store

Many bloggers and journalists find this a great browser extension, to help to get the latest stock market information without going always to the finance website. And with once click easy see the full information about that stock market.

View the full review of our Chrome extension by clicking the star icon next to this button.

1. In the latest version of Google Chrome 15, Safari 5.1, Firefox 8, Opera 11.62 or higher

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