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Stefan vd
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My Christmas Tree™
Personalize your desktop this holiday season with a decorative tree on your Mac desktop.
Download My Christmass Tree for Mac

Christmas is coming

A great time in a year that is always Christmas. We you can celebrate and enjoy Christmas with your family and friends. And when it is Advent day (in November), then you place also a Christmas tree. Now you can get also the digital tree on your Mac desktop.

My Christmas Tree for Desktop on Mac
White Christmas tree on your Mac desktop
Christmas decorations

The tree can be very easy to customize, for example you can choose for a white Christmas tree with red balls.

Also, the lights you see in the app is not static. There are animated lights that blinking always on and off just like a real Christmas tree.

Window on Top

The app is transparent, but you can also bring it on top of all your open windows. The Christmas tree will be not hidden if you are reading a web page or working on a Microsoft Word document.

My Christmas Tree for Desktop stay on top
Prefrence window of the Christmas tree
Customize your Tree

The most fun part is to set up the tree and add the lights, balls, socks, etc. You can all do this in the My Christmas Tree for Desktop preference window. Also, you have the option to show the countdown number in days, when it is Christmas.

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