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Magic Actions
A live entertainment show where you see some great magic tricks with Magic Actions for Google Assistant.

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Magic Actions for Google Home

Magic Actions for Google Assistant

Professional magician at home

The Magic Actions is a free app for young and old people (aged from between 6 and 99 years). This personal assistant is now your professional magician that does provide you incredible tricks for the users. This bundle pack contains four interactive puzzles from reading your mind to two hypnosis experiments. The app is a high professional app built for your first use and not your last experience. The visual effects and high sound quality are from professional developers. It plays the magic show audio surround your whole kitchen, sleep room or living room as never hear before. Where it gives you a most epic Magic Actions show. If you are looking for a good detente of your work. Or you need a good evening out with your friends. You can use this game, that will entertain yourself and also your family members and friends.

Puzzles & Experiments

Inside the app you can choose between 10 great puzzles and 2 experiments.

This experiment will blow you away of the bizarre things.

Preview Magic Actions experience

You will see here below a Magic Actions YouTube video that demo about one of the puzzle games in Magic Actions for Google Assistant. What you can experience in whatever room you are from the kitchen to your living room.