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Full Screen

Normal View

When you see a video right click and select 'Go to full screen'. Or click on the play button.

Full Screen

Full Screen

Then it expand the video automatic to you screen format.

Full Screen

See the different

You see the full video, without any distraction from the other elements on the website.

Full Screen

* In the picture it contain this artists: Taio Cruz ft. Ludacris.
Support:  Google Chrome Safari Opera Firefox 

Full Screen - Browser Extension

- Firefox
- Opera
- Safari
- Google Chrome



Full Screen is a free extension for you browser. It works for all media files such <video>, <img> and the current page. Life Now Full Screen. Always. Everywhere.


When the installation is completed, you will see in the toolbar (or Omnibar) the square icon listed. And with one click on the button it lets you make the page go to full screen. And press the escape key on your keyboard will exit this mode.

Also there is a option for bring automatic you HTML5 and YouTube video to full screen when you click on the play button.
* Picture of Justin Bieber

Turn Off the Lights Focus Video

Optie paginaOption page 1


If the context menu option is enabled in the options page. Then it's possible to bring the selected image to full screen.


If you right click on an HTML5 video, it is possible bring the video only to full screen.
Great for long videos, movie or even TV channels.


If you simply click on the button next to your URL bar. It bring the current page to full screen.
This option is especially interesting to read a news article or playing little games.

Normal modus

Press the ESC key on your keyboard to return to normal mode.

Auto Full Screen

When you enable this option in my option page, you can with one click on the play bring the HTML5 and youTube video to full screen. Click on the pause button, it revert back to the normal view.

This use the same detection engine of the popular "Turn Off the Lights" browser extension.

Button (Safari)

Via the menu,  Safari Cusom button. You can hide the button from your toolbar.

Page action (Chrome)

In the Options page, it is possible to hide the page action icon.



Check first if you install the latest version of you browser. Here below on this page, you see a list of link where you can download the browser:

Over-the-air updates

You always get the latest version of my extension. If a newer version is available, the "Full Screen" extension automatically get update to the latest version, so you always get the latest great features. The update packages are small and is completely free.


This extension work for all browser version of Google Chrome and Safari users 2.


ScreenPress Review


Full Screen rated 4.9 / 5 based on 123 ratings on our Chrome Web Store

Many bloggers and journalists found this great browser extension, to help their media file to bring the full screen. With support for all media such as html5 support, image, and the current page.

View the full review of our Chrome extension by clicking the star icon next to this button.

1. Is only for the Google Chrome, Safari extension.
2. In the latest version of Google Chrome 15, Safari 5.1 or higher

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