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Finance Toolbar

Browser extension


AAPL 471.00 +5.12%
GOOG 608.69 +2.31%
MSFT 30.52 -3.70%
YHOO 15.99 -2.98%

Web Page

When you are on a web page, and you want to see the current finance ticker bar. Click on the Finance icon in your web browser.

Finance Toolbar

Add Toolbar

It open a small popup window, click on the button "Show toolbar". And it add direct the black toolbar of your chosen stocks for today in the current web page.

Finance Toolbar

Change in Real-Time

When you added the toolbar, it check automatically real-time your stocks market value. And in the options page you can and more stock in the toolbar.

Finance Toolbar

* Real time stock information collected from the Yahoo Finance API.
Support: Google Chrome web browser Apple Safari web browser Opera web browser Mozilla Firefox web browser Microsoft Edge web browser

Finance Toolbar - Browser Extension

- Firefox
- Safari
- Google Chrome
- Opera
- MS Edge



Finance Toolbar is a free extension for your web browser. This shows you the latest stock market information in the dynamic scrolling bar.


When the installation is complete, you will see a black toolbar below the URL  or adress bar of your web browser. There you will see live stock prices of your stocks.


All the stock market information is coming from the Yahoo Finance API.

Finance Toolbar

Options page


When the toolbar is for the first time installed in you browser. It show the follow default stock information:

  • GOOG - Alphabet
  • MSFT - Microsoft Inc.
  • YHOO - Yahoo Inc.
  • AAPL - Apple Inc.
  • DOW - Dow Jones Industrial Aver
  • S&P 500 - Standard & Poor's 500
  • Gold - Gold
    Oil - Oil
  • QQQX - NASDAQ Premium Income and Growt (QQQX)
  • EURUSD=X' - Euro and Dollar

You can always change or add more stock data in the option page. Just with one 'add' button to add it in the list. And to remove it you select the item and click "Delete".

Resfresh Data

Default it refresh every 15 minutes all the data information.

Favorite Stocks

There is a option to show four small graph of you chosen stock. Default is this for the follow currency:



For each stock that is show in the bar there is a direct link to the finance website to see the full details.


Marquee is the dynamic scrolling bar. Where you can speed up the information in the bar by just clicking on the left or right arrow key.

In the options page you change the the speed of the scrolling bar. The direction where it must begin. And the behaviour if it must scroll or just bounce from right to left.


There is a option to show the "Percent" of the stock, the "Price" or the "Market Capitalization" in the toolbar.

Custom Stock Place

It's possible to choose the order of the stock that must show first in the toolbar. In the overview table of all you stocks, you can select a stock and click on the "move up" or "move down" button.

Finance Toolbar

Font Family

Now it's also possible to change the font family of the displaying text. You can change it to follow family:

  • DS Point
  • Arial
  • Impact
  • Sans-serif
  • Times New Romans
  • Verdana

Font Size

Do you want the text in the toolbar smaller? Go to the option page, and there you can change easy the font size pixel to a lower or higher value.

Invert red and green color

In Asia the color for a positive value and negative are total inverted. So in my option page there is a option to invert the increase value to red and decrease value to green.



Check first if you install the latest version of you browser. Here below on this page, you see a list of link where you can download the browser:

Over-the-air updates

You always get the latest version of my extension. If a newer version is available, the "Finance Toolbar" extension automatically get update to the latest version, so you always get the latest great features. The update packages are small and is completely free.


This extension work for all browser version of Google Chrome, Safari,  Firefox  and Opera users 1.


Press Review


Finance Toolbar rated 4.9 / 5 based on 123 ratings on our Chrome Web Store

Many bloggers and journalists find this a great browser extension, to help to get the latest stock market information without going always to the finance website. And with once click easy see the full information about that stock market.

View the full review of our Chrome extension by clicking the star icon next to this button.

1. In the latest version of Google Chrome 15, Safari 5.1, Firefox 8, Opera 11.62 or higher

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