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Aurora Player™
The Most Unique Video Player App Ever for Mac

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Video Player App for Mac

Aurora Player is a new and unique video player for the Mac that shows you a realistic glow around video. This best video player on Mac is built from the ground up for the Mac.

The idea is coming from the Turn Off the Lights browser extension, where it has an option to shows the atmosphere light around the HTML5 video player that matched with the content inside the video content. Now you have a stand-alone app to play your favorite videos and movies on your Mac computer. Where this effect will give you an immersive viewing experience you never seen before in an app like this.

Aurora Player best video player on Mac open file dialog
Aurora Player best video player on Mac type video effects
Ready? Let the Movie Begin

To open your video file, click in the Apple menu on "File", and then on the menu item "Open...". The app support the most multimedia files such as .avi, .H264, .mp4, .mkv, .webm, .mov, .m4v, .mpeg, .wmv.

Also you can open your favorite YouTube video direct from the web to the Aurora Player app with the second menu item.

Video Glow Effects

When you first open this Aurora Player app you get the basic gaussian blur low-pass filter around the player. But in the "Preference" window you can choose more then eight different styles such as this honeycomb around the National Geographic video.

Mac video player honey filter
Mac video player settings dialog
More Customization

Even in the "Preference" window you can increase size of the blur and his spreading amount. But also the option to shows only one solid color around the Aurora Player app.

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