Get the most wanted and valuable file menu bar back in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge logo with the Proper Menubar browser extension

I, Stefan Van Damme, as a web browser expert see many users complaining on online forums about the bad user experience when they using the new Microsoft Edge Chromium web browser. And I understand the pain points of the users when they use this new web browser. Since the years of Microsoft Internet Explorer, everyone uses and loves to navigate with the classic menu bar. That includes the menu items File, Edit, View, History, Bookmarks, Window, and Help. So they can get quick access to the menu for editing and printing a web page. However, that menu bar is not available anymore in the new Microsoft Edge web browser.

In Apple Safari you have the Apple menu bar to control and navigate your Safari web browser. And in Firefox, there is an option to see the menu bar when you press the alt key on your keyboard. Now in Microsoft Edge, there is no menu bar anymore. The web browser is more designed for touch screen devices like mobile phones and tablets. And everything can be found in the 3 dots icon near the top right in your Microsoft Edge web browser.

Microsoft Edge web browser with the Proper Menubar enabled
Microsoft Edge web browser with the Proper Menubar enabled

Proper Menubar in Microsoft Edge

I understand the frustration that there is no menu bar on the web browser. That is why I as a web browser expert created this free Proper Menubar Microsoft Edge extension. So users can experience the real classic window menu design in his web browser. That from below the address bar and also in the extension icon as a vertical menu bar.

Here are the steps on how to get menu bar in the Microsoft Edge web browser:

  1. Go to the Microsoft Edge Addons
  2. Click on the blue Get button
  3. And when you open a website, you will see the black menu bar below your address bar

If you want to hide the menu bar you can do it from the black rectangle with the white + icon. Click on the + icon, and click on the big red button to change it from “Proper Menubar is OFF” to “Proper Menubar is ON”. Then you see it add this bar on all open tabs.

Proper Menubar with the vertical menus in your web browser toolbar
Proper Menubar in the vertical menu

If you have any questions about the Proper Menubar browser extension. Or you have any feedback to improve this experience in your web browser. You can always reach my support page. I am are here to help. So you have the best web browsing experience.