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Stefan vd

Support Browser Extensions

Sorry to hear that you have trouble with my browser extension! But you've come to the right place. Please follow the below steps and answers correct to the question. This is the 24/7 support service for our users.

What browser do you use?

What browser extension do you want to report a problem?

Select you issue:

Make sure you use the latest version of my browser extension. And do not remove the "Local store" files (removed by CC-cleaner, Cocktail or other program) on you computer. Because my extension use local store information for save the settings of this extension.

For Safari Mac (do not remove the files inside this folder)
Home/Library/Safari/Local Storage/

For Safari Windows
C:\Users\YOUNAME\AppData\Local\Apple Computer\Safari\LocalStorage
Try this basic steps.
1. Restart the browser
2. Remove you cookies and cache files
3. Disable the other browser extensions you have installed
a) Try to disable the other browser extensions you have installed, example if you use Opera browser uninstall the 'adblocker' extension.
And restart the browser.
b) Also by refreshing (F5 key) the page help to open the option page of my extension.

Still have a problem, go to the "I’m having a different issue" question. And report it.
Have a question that is not in the list? Then contact me using this contact form link.
Google Chrome
1. Open this page: chrome://extensions
2. Click below you extension name on the "options" link

1. Open Safari
2. Preference -> click tab extension
3. Then click on example "Turn Off the Lights" in the list of Safari extension
4. There you see 1 checkbox, enable it to open the html page.

1. Open Firefox
2. Click on the orange firefox button
3. Click on addon manager
4. Search the addon name and right you see the link to open the option page.

1. Open Opera
2. Click on the red opera button
3. Click on manage extension
4. Search in the extension name and right you see the link to open the options page.
Privacy is very important for me and my users! This explain more about these phrases.
"Your data on all websites":
This mean I inject a JavaScript to the current web page, know as the "content.js". Example the "Turn Off the Lights" browser extension use this feature, so it can detect the video player and track the play status for the "AutoPlay" feature.

"Your tabs and browsing activity":
This mean I create a welcome page when you install for the first time my browser extension.

You can read more about this specific permission here, on Google Code's docs.
Go to my option page and enable the option "Flash Detection". This feature search to all flash player objects in the web page. And give only the video player the focus. Still have a problem, go to the "I’m having a different issue" question. And report it.
Make sure you got the latest "Turn Off the Lights" browser extension version installed on you computer. And that the "Flash Detection" feature is disable in the option page.
The real Atmosphere Lighting support only HTML5 video (include follow video types ogv, mp4, avi, webgl). And no Adobe Flash objects. And the option real atmosphere lighting can current not work on YouTube website. Because the server block this action. But we working hard to solve this problem.

The extension will try to receive the video data, and if it's impossible to receive it (the video site block the access to that information). I catch the error and forward it to the first option (solid color option). But we working hard to improve the feature and that it work on all video sites. issue 4

Need more information go to the code project page.
That's Linda Mertens from the "Milk Inc" (Belgium) Dance Music group.
Linda Mertens
You can help to translate this extension , just go to this page:
Update the translations using you Facebook or GetLocalization account. And every 2+/- weeks we update the translations for all browser extension.
Google Chrome
You see the lamp icon right in the omnibar (that's the search + URL bar). The icon is only visible on all websites (include http, https) but will be not visible on the Chrome new tab page.

You see the button left of the URL bar.

The button is visible right of the URL bar. But if you see no lamp button. Then go to View -> Toolbars -> Customize in the menu. And drag the "Turn Off the Lights" addon to you toolbar.

You see the button right of the URL bar.

Internet Explorer
You see the button right of the URL bar.

Still have a problem, go to the "I’m having a different issue" question. And report it.
Uninstall manually Turn Off the Lights (Windows users only):
1. Go to this path:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Stefan vd\Turn Off the Lights\
2. And delete the folder

Registry (name show in the software (Install/uninstall) list:
1. Regedit.exe
2. go to this path: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrntVersion\Uninstall\{C2548664-90D2-4
And remove that key folder. (See inside the folder that it contain sure the "Turn Off the Lights" and "Stefan vd" inside.

For more information see this Microsoft help article:
How to manually remove programs from the Add or Remove Programs tool

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