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Stefan vd

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I’m glad that you like my software and that you want to show your appreciation by donating.


With your help I can make these software even better! I can work fast and reliable with the latest OS and to improve my great extensions and apps. I work very hard to give your the entertainment, the best utilities and the fun to your computer. Example like the "Turn Off the Lights" extension that I bring for all browsers, "Ambient Aurea", "Proper Menubar", "Full Screen", "Zoom", "Finance Toolbar","Date Today" etc.

Thank you so much for contributing. I really appreciate it!

Stefan VD

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  • 99 You become a Stefan Bronze supporter! You support my "Apple development" so I can publish my Safari extensions for a year.
  • 199 You become a Stefan Silver supporter! You support my domain, website hosting and bandwidth. So everyone can download my free browser extension. And can contact me for if there is an issue.
  • 499 You become a Stefan Gold supporter! That's all the Silver for an extra year!
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